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El gran escritor y autor NIALL FERGUSON , 2015 ha escrito un gran libro sobre Historia el cual consta de 1008 paginas totalmente en español y castellano para leer en PDF o epub. El titulo de la obra se titula Historia y esta distribuido por la editorial USA PENGUIN PRESS en diferentes países. Lo puedes localizar mediante el isbn 9781594206535.

  • Autor NIALL FERGUSON , 2015
  • Categoria Historia
  • Paginas 1008
  • ISBN 9781594206535

Sinopsis y descripción del libro KISSINGER: 1923-1968: THE IDEALIST

Henry Kissinger's definitive biography, based on unprecedented access to his private papers.

No American statesman has been as revered or vilified as Henry Kissinger.

Once hailed as Super Kthe, the indispensable man whose advice has been sought by all presidents, from Kennedy to Obama, he has also been harassed by conspiracy theorists, searching each of their teleconferences for evidence of Machiavellian evil.

However, as Niall Ferguson shows in this masterful biography in two volumes, based not only on Kissingers' hitherto closed private documents, but also on documents from over a hundred archives around the world, Kissinger's idea as the ruthless archirealist is based on a profound misunderstanding.

The first half of Kissingers' life is often considered the quintessence of the American ascent: Hitlers Germany's Jewish refugee who came to the White House.

But in this first of two volumes, Ferguson shows that what Kissinger accomplished before his appointment as Richard Nixon's national security advisor was astonishing in its own right.

Working as a teenager in a New York factory, he studied tirelessly at night.

He was recruited by U.S. infantry and saw action at the Battle of the Ardennes and the liberation of a concentration camp, but ended his military career interrogating the Nazis.

It was at Harvard that Kissinger found his calling.

Immersed in Kant's philosophy and Metternich diplomacy, he became a celebrity arguing for a limited nuclear war and Nelson Rockefeller hired him.

Kennedy called him Camelot.

However, the Kissingers uprising was anything but irresistible.

Persecuted by press errors and disappointed by Rocky, Kissinger seemed stuck until a trip to Vietnam changed everything.

The Idealist is the story of one of the most important strategic thinkers the United States has ever produced.

It is also a political Bildungsroman, which explains how Dr. Strangelove ended up being the consigliere of a politician he had always abhorred.

Like the classic two-volume story of Ferguson's House of Rothschild, Kissinger casts a new dazzling light on an entire era.

The essential account of an extraordinary life, reconstructs the world of the Cold War.

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