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El gran escritor y autor VIVIENNE FOLEY , 2014 ha escrito un gran libro sobre Arte el cual consta de 144 paginas totalmente en español y castellano para leer en PDF o epub. El titulo de la obra se titula Arte y esta distribuido por la editorial A&C BLACK PUBLISHE en diferentes países. Lo puedes localizar mediante el isbn 9781408184646.

  • Autor VIVIENNE FOLEY , 2014
  • Categoria Arte
  • Paginas 144
  • Editorial A&C BLACK PUBLISHE
  • ISBN 9781408184646

Sinopsis y descripción del libro PORCELAIN

For thousands of years, the special properties of porcelain - its delicacy, translucency and extraordinary resilience - have fascinated and inspired, and these qualities remain attractive to ceramic artists.

However, porcelain is also a notoriously demanding medium that presents unique challenges for the manufacturer.

In this inspiring practical guide, porcelain artist Vivienne Foley introduces ceramists to the material she has been working with for more than forty years.

The book examines all aspects of porcelain and ranges from its composition and workability to decoration and glazing.

Launching and construction methods are completely covered, with a focus on techniques and defects specific to porcelain.

Drying and firing are also discussed, and there is a useful troubleshooting section on all the most likely problems and failures, along with suggested solutions.

Beginning with the fascinating history of porcelain manufacturing, from the imperial kilns of China to the Meissen factory in Germany and beyond, this book offers an insight into how porcelain has been used in the past and how it has been adapted and developed for contemporary work by contemporary artists who constantly seek to push the limits of possibility.

Illustrated throughout the book with useful images on how to do it, as well as with the beautiful works of current artists, Porcelain is the essential manual for any ceramic student or artist seeking to understand and work with this extraordinary material.

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