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El gran escritor y autor PAUL (ED.) AUSTER , 2014 ha escrito un gran libro sobre Literatura el cual consta de 391 paginas totalmente en español y castellano para leer en PDF o epub. El titulo de la obra se titula Literatura y esta distribuido por la editorial FABER AND FABER en diferentes países. Lo puedes localizar mediante el isbn 9780571276530.

  • Autor PAUL (ED.) AUSTER , 2014
  • Categoria Literatura
  • Paginas 391
  • Editorial FABER AND FABER
  • ISBN 9780571276530

Sinopsis y descripción del libro THE BOOK OF ILLUSIONS

A man's obsession with the mysterious life of a silent movie star takes him on a journey into a world of shadows of lies, illusions and unexpected love.

After losing his wife and small children in a plane crash, Vermont professor David Zimmer spends his waking hours in pain.

Then, watching TV one night, he stumbles upon a lost movie by silent comedian Hector Mann and remembers how to laugh....

Mann was a comic genius, in a branded white suit and a fluttering black mustache.

But one morning in 1929 he left home and was never heard from again.

Zimmer's obsession with Mann leads him to publish a study of his work; he then receives a letter postmarked New Mexico, supposedly written by Mann's wife, inviting him to visit the great Mann.

Can Hector Mann be alive?

Zimmer can't decide - until a strange woman shows up at his door and makes the decision for him, changing his life forever.

Written with impressive urgency and precision, this impressive novel immerses the reader in a universe in which the comic and the tragic, the real and the imaginary, the violent and the tender dissolve into each other.

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