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El gran escritor y autor SARAH COATES , 2015 ha escrito un gran libro sobre Cocina el cual consta de 176 paginas totalmente en español y castellano para leer en PDF o epub. El titulo de la obra se titula Cocina y esta distribuido por la editorial HARDIE GRANT BOOKS en diferentes países. Lo puedes localizar mediante el isbn 9781743790403.

  • Autor SARAH COATES , 2015
  • Categoria Cocina
  • Paginas 176
  • ISBN 9781743790403

Sinopsis y descripción del libro THE SUGAR HIT!

The Sugar Hit! is a totally delicious and sometimes unexpected ass-kicking game.

These are the benefits, the stimulants, the cherries on top of your day.

Approach cooking with shameless joy and greed without disguise.

Of course, balance is important, but there has to be something at the other end of the scale.

Why not make a milkshake Like a fat kid loves a milkshake, or a chocolate cracker with salted caramel, or even a dirty Cheat's jam doughnut?

The Sugar Hit! cookbook offers something sweet for every occasion in life.

From early in the morning, whether you're nursing a hangover, a broken heart or just having a long Sunday brunch, you'll find comfort in Sweet Potato Waffles or an epic Cinnamon Rollo, to the midnight variety feast (satisfy your cravings with Nutella's ice cream in Brioche or a Giant Pancake Stack).

This book explains simple techniques, talks about exciting flavors, and educates readers on how to achieve maximum results with minimum effort.

Throughout the book will be presented Hot Tips, which offer shortcuts, cooking tips and ideas to vary recipes.

After reading this book, each and every person will feel inspired to enter the kitchen and feel a renewed confidence in their ability to perform a delight that stops the show.

Sugar Hit! is about taking your bakery to the next level using great tastes, simple tips and tricks, and a healthy dose of confidence and attitude.

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