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El gran escritor y autor SARAH J. MAAS , 2018 ha escrito un gran libro sobre Cómics infantil y juvenil el cual consta de 403 paginas totalmente en español y castellano para leer en PDF o epub. El titulo de la obra se titula Cómics infantil y juvenil y esta distribuido por la editorial BLOOMSBURY PUBLISHING LTD. en diferentes países. Lo puedes localizar mediante el isbn 9781408872918.

Sinopsis y descripción del libro THRONE OF GLASS 6

Aelin Galathynius' journey from slave to murderer to queen reaches its heartbreaking end as war breaks out across her world....

She has risked everything to save her people, but at tremendous cost.

Enclosed in an iron coffin by the Queen of Fae, Aelin must resort to her ardent will to endure the months of torture inflicted on him.

The knowledge that yielding to Maeve will condemn her loved ones prevents her from breaking up, but her determination is unravelling with each passing day....

With Aelin a prisoner, Aedion and Lysandra are the last line of defense to prevent the total destruction of Terrasen.

But even the many allies they have gathered to fight Erawan's hordes may not be enough to save the kingdom.

Scattered throughout the continent and running against time, Chaol, Manon and Dorian must forge their own paths to find their destinies.

And across the sea, Rowan hunts to find his wife and queen captured, before it is lost to him.

Some ties will deepen and others will be cut forever, but as the threads of destiny finally intertwine, everyone must struggle if they want to find salvation and a better world.

Years in the making, Kingdom of Ash is the unforgettable conclusion of Sarah J. Maas Throne of Glass's New York Times series #1.

Biografia del autor SARAH J. MAAS , 2018

Sarah J. Maas conquistó a miles de lectores la primera vez que compartió con el público el Trono de Cristal en FictionPress, cuando sólo tenía 16 años.

Tras recibir más de 200 críticas positivas y tener más de 4.000 fans en Facebook, la novela fue finalmente publicada en papel.

Una novela que ha llegado, junto con su secuela, de la mano de Alfaguara para lengua castellana.

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