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El gran escritor y autor IDA ENGHOLM; ANDERS MICHELSEN , 2018 ha escrito un gran libro sobre Arte el cual consta de 336 paginas totalmente en español y castellano para leer en PDF o epub. El titulo de la obra se titula Arte y esta distribuido por la editorial PHAIDON PRESS LIMITED en diferentes países. Lo puedes localizar mediante el isbn 9780714877167.

  • Categoria Arte
  • Paginas 336
  • ISBN 9780714877167

Sinopsis y descripción del libro VERNER PATON

The inflexible bad boy of post-war Danish design, Verner Panton created enduring icons of pop culture, loved all over the world.

Breaking with the Scandinavian tradition of handcrafted wooden tea furniture to pioneer the use of plastic, fiberglass, synthetic fabrics and mass industrial production, this thoroughly researched and illustrated book examines Panton's innovative approach to environments, systems, patterns and color.

Panton's work is a truly pioneering achievement, whose broad influence is still felt today.

Containing a wealth of images, including Panton's hand-drawn sketches, personal photographs and Panton's official archive advertisements, this monograph documents the amazing breadth of Panton's work, from candlesticks and clocks to the seminal S Chair and Living Tower, through floor-to-ceiling interiors, encompassing textiles, lighting and furniture.

This book is thematically organized with Panton's unique focus on vividly illustrated environments, systems, and patterns, and presents a complete and illustrated chronology of Panton's works, including many unrealized projects.

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